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about me

mind/body therapist, guide, facilitator

i am passionate about serving creative, deep feeling humans get back in touch with who they were before life wore them down.  (you may not know this yet, but you are both creative and deeply feeling).

i take a holistic approach in my work with clients that focuses on reconnecting the mind and body for whole hearted living.  


i’m not driven by isolated therapeutic approaches

(though I have a ton of post grad training).  


i am driven by relationship:  the connection and safety of a living, breathing, human being.  


transformation is not possible without safety and compassion.  


about amy.
what i've found to be true.

here's what

i've found

to be true

so far

  • you can only get so far doing this work alone (believe me, i’ve tried)

  • you have all of the resources you need within you…right now.  i don’t care what anyone else may have told you.  i don’t care what kind of a diagnosis you’ve been given, or how badly you’ve been hurt. 

  • the symptoms you are experiencing (depression, anxiety, substance abuse, codependency) are the direct result of coping with emotional pain.   we have been conditioned by a lot of well-meaning (and not so well meaning) people to distract ourselves from that pain.  the ways we have learned to cope, make perfect sense in context.

  • crap happens to us in life. sometimes really bad stuff happens. even still, we think we should be “over it by now.”  i find it’s not WHAT happened exactly, as much as what we came to BELIEVE ABOUT OURSELVES because of what happened, that stands in the way of our transformation.

about you – the client

maybe you grew up believing that you were “too much.”  you’ve spent your entire life trying to blend in with the crowd.  you’ve reached the point where it feels too vulnerable, or downright unsafe to be seen.


maybe you have done everything you are “supposed” to do, just the way you are supposed to do it.  You have a lot of outward material success.  inside you are SCREAMING to get out of the box you’ve been living in.

maybe you feel like you aren’t enough…. pretty enough, smart enough, thin enough, outgoing enough (we’re all familiar with the enoughs).  you are afraid to take risks, so you stay in intolerable situations.


maybe you’ve tried to solve one of these problems with a substance, a shitty relationship, or a behavior that makes the disconnection from Self more tolerable.

i know… i hear you… i’ve been all these places, too

and there is a way out


it isn’t simple.  


oddly enough, it takes a lot of courage to fall in love with who we are.  

i can do that with you, until you are ready to do it yourself.


one day

one session

 one moment 

at a time.

about you the client
how i can help.

  • first and foremost, i can be present with you. you no longer have to bare the pain alone.

  • i can help you uncover the limiting beliefs.  some of them will surprise you.

  • i can help you release the charge you are carrying around in your body.

  • i can help you get to know all the different parts of yourself, even the ones you think you need to hide. 

  • i’ll show you how to embrace your imperfections (it’s a lifelong practice).  i can connect with you on a deep level.  i love empowering others to connect with all parts of themselves.

  • i will be honest, straightforward, and to the point with you.  I can help you get honest with yourself.

  • through my own self-work, i am able to show compassion and acceptance.  i want you to know that you are good enough and worthy of feeling better.




the formalities

education and training

undergrad:  b.s. in elementary education and special education

grad school:  friends university, marriage and family therapy

post grad training/extra certifications:

  •    mindfulness based stress reduction

  •    advanced heart centered hypnotherapy certification

  •    certified addiction and mental health nutrition coach

  •    certified in compassionate inquiry (dr gabor mate’)

  •    internal family systems therapy levels 1, 2, and 3

  •    somatic experience practitioner

  •    subtle energy 1 and 2

  •    200 hr YRT yoga

  •    emdr level 1 and 2

the less formal

  • i love getting dressed

  • i never raise my voice at my dog – ever

  • i read ALOT

  • i am passionate about nutrition, exercise, jewelry, sunshine, and a good book

  • i grew up in the deep south, but i feel like a kansas city native 

  • i am weary of humankind’s approach to mental health

  • i do not understand most technology

  • i cuss

  • i am an introvert, but i like to process my feelings aloud.  so that forces me to connect with others.  i learned that i absolutely love people.

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