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i help facilitate the journey to live free from  and beyond limited conditioning and into the full expression of

self-empowering individuals to thrive

to remember who you are 

you need to forget what they told you to be.


talk therapy.

i absolutely believe talk therapy has an important place in mind and body well–being. everyone needs the opportunity to tell their story to someone who is safe.  the first few times you tell your truth out loud are crucial.  my purpose is to normalize your feelings, let you know you are not crazy, and that all of it makes sense within the context of your life. we will spend as much time as you need to feel comfortable.  there are no deadlines here.  you don’t have to talk about anything you aren’t ready to talk about.  you are the expert on you.  i am a guide and facilitator.  we can accomplish a lot together once you feel safe and unjudged.  As valuable as talk therapy is, i find it is often not enough to remove the emotional charge we are carrying.

talk therapy.

“allow beauty to shatter you regularly.

the loveliest people are the ones who have been burnt, broken, and torn at the seams, yet still send their open hearts into the world to mend with love again

...and again

...and again

...and again. 

you must allow yourself to feel your life while you’re in it.”

~victoria erickson~

mind-body connection.

the purpose of therapy is to teach us how to feel. i’m not going to lie to you… when you quit pushing things down and allow them to come up…it can really kick your ass. 

so why would we do it?  your body holds all of the long, buried secrets you’ve tried so hard to forget.  emotions that weren’t tolerated or supported in your home, truths that weren’t convenient, hurts large and small that caused pain and confusion, all of it… all of it… gets repressed.

what rises to the top is a “personality".  that’s the thing we cultivate which seems to help us stay in connection with our important people.  and we will choose that connection over authenticity almost every time.


the problem is, our bodies know better.  all that repressed emotion carries a charge.  that charge goes with us everywhere we go.  it effects our perception of the world we live in.

“this is heart work,

and you can’t think your way

around this…

you’ve gotta feel your 

way through it.” 

-butterflies rising-


i provide the opportunity for deeply transformational experiences that are a combination of hypnotherapy, internal family systems, and subtle energy work, in an effort to guide you back to who you were before the world tamed your spirit. 


freedom lies on the other side of the work.


50 minute psychotherapy session with amy


90 minute hypnotherapy session with amy


booking with amy.
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