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all the questions

sometimes just having some answers about the logistics & process of therapy can help you make that next step. my hope is this section can help.

question #1

what do i do the first time i come to a session?

you are coming to a lovingly restored historic home. the atmosphere is quite casual and inviting. the name on the front of the brick home is ivy house community. ivy house is conveniently located between the plaza and downtown, at 3743 main.

we have two free areas to park.  directly out in front we have street parking. (no parking there between the hours of 6-9:00am. i assure you, i will never be at work at that hour.)  main street can be busy.  if you come up the driveway, we have free off street parking as well.

come right on in the front door and you will be standing in our beautiful living room/waiting room.  take a seat and i will be down to get you at our appointment time.

once you are in my office, you can expect privacy/ safety, my undivided attention, and total acceptance.  nothing, absolutely nothing is said or done without your express permission.  i value you as the expert on your life.

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