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some notes about insurance

so why would people want to see me if i don’t take insurance?


Reason #1  no labeling  - you don’t have to carry an unnecessary diagnosis on your medical record.  oftentimes, i am not able, in good conscience, to label you with a mental health condition.

Reason #2 privacy -  lots of people do NOT want people who handle files at an insurance company to be able to see the intimate details of their life on a session note. they want to keep that information confidential.  

Reason #3 empowerment – i am a very client centered therapist. i make no apologies for this.  you and i together, decide what is right for you.  insurance can make the call about what methods, treatments (i don’t even like that word), and approaches are used.  guess what?  the approaches they favor are short and sweet.  so they can decide how many sessions you need without ever having met you!  

Reason #4 quality of care – i keep my case load small.  therapists who take insurance often make up the difference in fees (insurance companies are notoriously low paying) by taking on 25-30+ clients a week.  my case load is topped at 15-18 weekly sessions.  you get a therapist who is alert, engaged, familiar with the details of your story.  one who thinks about how best to serve you not only in session, but in between.  you are a human being, not a number to me.

at the same time – therapy is expensive.  i get that, believe me.  i also know that you are worth it.  i ask that you talk with me if you are unable to meet the fee.  i try very hard to keep a couple of slots open at a sliding scale fee.  because i keep a small caseload, this is not always possible.  do not give up on the idea of therapy until you talk to me about the cost first.  


a 50 minute session is $250

hypnotherapy sessions: these sessions are extremely powerful, and deeply healing.  they regularly run 90 minutes.  because of the extra time necessary, the fee is $375.

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