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about you-the client

about you – the client

maybe you grew up believing that you were “too much.”  you’ve spent your entire life trying to blend in with the crowd.  you’ve reached the point where it feels too vulnerable, or downright unsafe to be seen.


maybe you have done everything you are “supposed” to do, just the way you are supposed to do it.  You have a lot of outward material success.  inside you are SCREAMING to get out of the box you’ve been living in.

maybe you feel like you aren’t enough…. pretty enough, smart enough, thin enough, outgoing enough (we’re all familiar with the enoughs).  you are afraid to take risks, so you stay in intolerable situations.


maybe you’ve tried to solve one of these problems with a substance, a shitty relationship, or a behavior that makes the disconnection from Self more tolerable.

i know… i hear you… i’ve been all these places, too

and there is a way out


it isn’t simple.  


oddly enough, it takes a lot of courage to fall in love with who we are.  

i can do that with you, until you are ready to do it yourself.


one day

one session

 one moment 

at a time.

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